Bisi Oyelola

My name is Bisoye Oyelola and I am currently a senior at Temple University studying political science with a pre-law track. After graduation, I aspire to pursue a career in law practicing litigation for the underrepresented minority communities. Additionally, I am part of the Honors program and have been recognized for academic achievement at my home institution. This past spring, I was awarded Phi Beta Kappa and was awarded for my achievement in pre-law studies.

Erin O'Connor

Erin O'Connor is a junior at the University of Pittsburgh, where she is studying Rehabilitation Science and minoring in both French and Chemistry with a certificate in Pathokinesiology. She is mesmerized by the human body and movement, which is a direct cause towards her aspiration of becoming a physical therapist or exercise physiologist. She loves participating in any sort of physical activity indoors or out, with some of her favorites being weight lifting and hiking.

Aponi Geletko

When talking about life, one thing Aponi believes is that life is about taking risks and what we do with those risks is what makes life great. So always striving to be better than her yesterdays self is a must, because living life to the fullest and leaving her mark within someone else's life is what counts; making her unforgettable. When leaving her mark within someone's life, she wants to make sure she exhibits the best version of who she is. Asking, how can she identify specifically with what makes her, her? Not only does Aponi love who she is but she also loves people.

Hannah Roux

Hi! My name is Hannah Roux and I am currently a sophomore music education major at Duquesne University. I am from a small town in central Pennsylvania called Halifax. This May I will be traveling to Rome to study music, art, and diversity with the music school. Of the things that I enjoy doing, I love teaching the most. Being around my students and seeing the light bulbs go off when they understand a new topic makes me so proud to be called their teacher. One of the biggest reasons I am studying abroad is because of them.

Kaitlyn Hott

Aspiring sophomore study at Lincoln Universtiy double majoring in Business and Spanish while minoring in Mass Communications. Studying abroad this summer 2018 In Valencia, Spain.

Alexa Brightman

My name is Alexa Rae Brightman, and I am from Jamestown, New York. I am 19 years old and will be studying abroad in Amman, Jordan. I major in International Relations and Political Science and Duquesne University, where I also study Arabic. Studying Arabic is by far my favorite aspect of my academinc endevours. I am the eldest sister of 3 girls, and the other 2 are twins, Taylor and Morgan. 




Kelly Wall

Kelly is currently a junior, Secondary Education: Social Studies major with the pursuit of a dual degree in History at Duquesne University. Her goal is to become a high school social studies teacher following her expected graduation from Duquesne in May of 2019. Some other aspirations include continuing her education in a Masters degree program. Outside of her academic commitments, she likes to swing dance and enjoys hiking. She is a Pittsburgh native and enjoys being with friends and family.

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