Estrellita Olvera

Estrellita Olvera is a first generation Mexican-American who attended the University of Pittsburgh Titusville. While studying there, she applied for the Vira I. Heinz scholarship in the fall of 2009 which she received the following year. She traveled to Tanzania for four weeks where she studied the causes of low birth weight and prenatal death within the town of Karagwe. While completing her studies, she also volunteered at the local hospital where she assisted in the maternity ward in weighing, measuring and taking vital sings of newborns. During the fall semester, Estrellita moved to the main campus of the University of Pittsburgh to finish her studies in Physical Anthropology. At the same time, she also took on the role as VIH intern under the supervision of Sarah Wagner. In the spring of 2011, Estrellita was hired by UPMC Health Plan Insurance Division to work for the Medicaid and Medicare products as a Bilingual Customer Service Representative. In December of 2011 Estrellita completed her studies and graduated with bachelors in Anthropology. She continues to work at UPMC Health Plan.

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