Alyssa Crozier

Bio Summary
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Chatham University
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International Experience

Alyssa Crozier spent four weeks in Peru completing a healthcare based Internship through the ProPeru division of the ProWorld Service Corps. She spent time by volunteering in a health clinic observing various types of medicine including obstetrics, where she learned how to perform a pap smear and give birth-control shots; general medicine, where she learned how to fill out the insurance forms; and dentistry, where she learned how to pull a tooth. Some other things she did during her time in Peru include teaching health education at the local school, taking Spanish lessons from a local Peruvian woman, live with a host family and experience all of their traditions and normal life in Peru, and assist in making water filters as a part of the Water Filter project. During her time in Peru she also had the opportunity to learn much about the history of Peru, the Incas, and visit Machu Picchu, one of the wonders of the world. 

Community Engagement Experience
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CEE Title: Sexual Education Outreach

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