Erion Morton

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Chatham University
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International Experience

Erion spent six weeks in Tokyo, Japan with the IES Abroad Tokyo Summer Program. During their time in Japan, they had many opportunities to be immersed in different aspects of Japanese culture, from the bustling streets of Shinjuku and Harajuku, Tokyo, to the more rural areas of Mobara, Chiba Prefecture. While in Japan, Erion stayed at the National Olympics Memorial Youth Center in Shibuya, and also took daily language classes at the center. As a part of the language class, several assignments were assigned that required students to go out into the community surrounding the Olympic center and use conversational Japanese with locals.

Over the course of the program, IES Abroad planned multiple day and weekend excursions, including trips to traditional Japanese inns called ryoukans, Tokyo Tower, Asakusa, and Mobara. The Mobara weekend excursion featured a homestay with a family from the area, and a visit to a local high school, where IES Abroad students were able to talk to Japanese high schoolers about the American Education system, and in turn, observe how responsible and hospitable Japanese students can be. The Japanese students demonstrated calligraphy, and a traditional tea ceremony procedure to IES Abroad students during their visit.

During free time from class and homework, Erion indulged in their interests in anime and manga and took the trains to visit some of Tokyo's most popular locations to buy goods and experience the mecca of all things anime, manga, and gaming: Akihabara.

At the end of the program, IES Abroad threw a farewell celebration to mark the end of classes and to prepare for the bittersweet return to students' home countries.

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