Kasey McIntosh

Bio Summary
Cohort Year: 
Home Institution: 
University of Pittsburgh-Greensburg
Heinz Programming Area: 
Economic Opportunity
Study Abroad Country: 
International Experience

     Kasey McIntosh studied abroad in Lima, Perú for 5 weeks over the summer, studying Business, Literature and the Spanish Language, with a focus on the current socio-political and economic status of Perú. Through her classes at the University of the Pacific, she was able to meet with local business owners to discuss their goals as well as the strategies for attaining them. Kasey was able to obtain a better understanding of the complexities of the politics in developing countries by speaking with the shop owners and artisans who are experiencing the difficulties of running a business in a society with little to no opportunity for upward mobility. One of her most memorable experiences in Perú was visiting a shelter for children who were brought in for repreated drug violations. She was able to spend the day with the children, helping them with their work, playing and getting to know them. Speaking to the volunteers was a very powerful experience, as she was made more aware of how wide-spread these issues were, as well as how under-funded programs like Mundo Libre are. Kasey's program provided exciting excursions with great opportunities for enrichment, like spending the afternoon at an hacienda from the 1600's, or an origional Inca house. Outside of class time, Kasey could often be found exploring the different districts of Lima or catching a bus to the Barranco sea-side.

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