The VIH Mentoring Program provides new awardees with peer support as they prepare for experiential learning in terms of their international experiences and their CEEs. In addition, the Mentoring Program offers VIH alumna the opportunity to strengthen their leadership skills by mentoring a member of the incoming cohort. Participating students complete eight one hour sessions that prepare the mentees for the spring retreat as well as for their international experience. Mentors review the Mentor’s PPT in preparation for the meeting with the mentee. Together the mentors and mentee review the Mentoring Session PPT as well as any supplemental materials. Participants are welcome to contact us to give feedback or for support!


Week 1
Welcome to VIH Mentoring!

Mentor PPT  Mentee PPT   Supplemental Material

Week 2
Cultural & Personal Identity

Mentor PPT   Mentee PPT   Supplemental Material

Week 3

Mentor PPT   Mentee PPT

Week 4
Interpersonal Communication

Mentor PPT    Mentee PPT    Supplemental Material

Week 5
Goals & Action Plans

Mentor PPT   Mentee PPT    Supplemental Material

Week 6
Culture Shock

Mentor PPT    Mentee PPT

Week 7
Volunteering & Service

Mentor PPT  Mentee PPT  Supplemental Material

Week 8
Coffee Talk

Mentor & Mentee PPT