The VIH Program for Women, Non-Binary, and Transgender Global Leaders prepares scholars for tomorrow's global challenges by offering a unique opportunity for global experiences, leadership development, and community service. Universities and colleges across Pennsylvania participate in the VIH Program. Three first-time scholars from each institution are admitted into the program and receive a scholarship of at least $5,000 to put toward the cost of a summer global experience of their choosing.  The VIH Program has four components: the summer global experience, the Community Engagement Experience, and two weekend-long intensive leadership development conferences. During the spring semester prior to and the fall semester following their global experiences, the awardees from each VIH institution meet in Pittsburgh, PA. These trainings provide the awardees with the foundation of skills necessary to maximize cultural learnings while abroad and to invest their leadership skills in their own communities upon their return.” Application Deadline November 1

Principal Components

Principal Components

Prepare for your international experience

Develop and enhance your global perspective

Explore the intersection of gender and leadership

Use your newfound passion to make an impact locally