10 Year Reunion


The ten year reunion of the VIH program took place in the summer of 2019 and brought together 10 years of Viras. The learning objectives and subsequent activities of the VIH 10 Year Reunion were derived from The Heinz Endowments three programming areas:  learning, creativity, and sustainability.  Each of these three programming areas constituted a section of the 10 Year Reunion. VIH awardees partook in a series of interactive activities designed to raise knowledge of and awareness around the impact that Viras are making, both locally and globally, in terms of a specific programming area.

One of the favorite interactive activities was affectionately dubbed ViraTalks (after TedTalks). VIH awardees had the opportunity to, in real time, translate their newfound knowledge into an impact, locally, through an experiential activity. Each activity constituted an opportunity for the network of Viras to deepen their relationships and to continue to learn from each other.  Finally, the Viras worked together to compile a resource for future members of our community:  Letters from Vira. 


Learning impact photo


Impact - Viras wrote postcards to their local representatives on the subjects of vaccinations, women’s health, renewable energy, health  insurance, and voting rights

Sustainability impact photo


Impact - Viras brainstormed about how to implement sustainability in everyday life

Creativity Picture


Impact - Viras engaged with their creative side to learn about different cultures of leadership, politics, and dance