The Mission of the VIH Mentoring Program is to strengthen our inter-cohort and intra-cohort networks to the end of developing the VIH awardees' skills, deepening the relationships between the VIH awardees, and enhancing the impact of the VIH awardees on their local communities. The VIH Mentoring Program consists of an Introduction and 5 Modules to be completed over the course of one year.

Fall  and Spring Retreat

The Fall Conference focus is three-fold. First, the students process their international experiences and then extend them into developmental experiences. Second, particular emphasis is placed on the intersection of gender and leadership. Finally, women are guided to embrace and develop a personal ethic of social responsibilities. In the Spring Conference awardees focus on developing intercultural competencies and global perspectives. 

International Experience

The purpose of the Experience Report is to document the depth and quality of your cultural immersion and to initiate a process of reflection.

 Community Engagement Experience

The Community Engagement Experience (CEE) allows students to engage with their community and centers on the concept 'Think Globally; Act Locally.' 

Graduation Requirements

In order to graduate from the VIH Program, students must complete all requirements for graduation and maintain good standing with the program.