Community Engagement Experience

The Community Engagement Experience (CEE) centers on the concept 'Think Globally; Act Locally.' VIH awardees are charged with forming a team and using their new-found skills, knowledge, and passions to impact their local communities in a positive, innovative way. The CEE is to be completed and the individual CEE Report is to be sent to the Campus Coordinator and Director within 10 days of completing your CEE, at the very latest, by January 30th. The CEE Report must be completed individually

Students are encouraged to post a picture, a description of their CEE, and/or the invitation to their CEE on the VIH facebook page so that all members of all cohorts can learn about the local impact that is being made through the CEEs.

"I was familiar with leading through school, clubs, and athletics but this CEE project opened my eyes to a whole other realm of leadership. I was forced to break out of my shell and learn how to converse with business owners, successful adults, and coordinate many people's schedules in a very high stress environment. Working with adults definitely helped define myself as a leader and sculpted me into a more refined person. It forces a sense of professionalism..." ~Angele Hagy, Waynesburg University


See examples of different CEE Templates and past CEEs.

CEE Timeline

See a breakdown of the CEE planning timeline, including links to required forms and documents.